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It’s been several months since my last daily carry post and my spring pen show purchases have now all been covered, so the Franklin-Christoph Penvelope 6 is once more the case being taken to work and the pens carried are actual regulars, and not those being used for upcoming reviews.

So unchanged from last time (with positions left to right):

  • Pelikan M205 Duo with double broad nib steel nib.
  • Lamy Imporium with fine 14k gold nib.
  • ScriBo Feel with fine 18k gold nib.
  • Leonardo Momento Zero with steel medium nib.
  • Franklin Christoph 451 CDLI with Mike Masuyama needlepoint grind steel nib.

The changes are as follows:

  • The Smoke Pilot Custom 823 with the FA gold nib has been swapped for the Amber Pilot Custom 823 with the gold medium nib, filled with Graf von Faber Castell India Red.  Note this is a reversal on the previous change.
  • The Powerful Signature Marine Edition pen is now back in, still filled with Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine.  Every time I’ve seen this pen in my drawer I’ve had the urge to bring it back out and start carrying it once more.  It now rivals the Leonardo as the auto-grab pen.
  • Both Visconti pens have been removed.  I’ve come to find the Homosapiens Bronze Age rather boring.  It has an interesting texture, but I do not find it that comfortable to hold and the palladium nibs are nice, but not as enjoyable as gold or a well sorted steel nib.  The Medici is interesting to look at, but again I’m rather neutral when it comes to the writing experience.
  • The John Twiss Thuya Burl pen and Taccia Covenant have also been removed now they have been reviewed.  While I like my John Twiss pens, I normally feel they are better suited to home writing, rather than note taking and carrying around.
  • Finally, the Onoto ‘Dubai influenced’ Magna Classic Burgundy Pearl with chasing, has also been removed.  I really do like the pen but tend to use my three Onotos for special occasions.  I do occasionally think about adding one of them to my pen case, but then decide that they are too expensive to take to work (and yes I do realise the ScriBo Feel costs more – I can’t work it out either).  Needless to say they have come to work before and will again in the future.

Going Forwards:

While I have a few new and a lot of old pens to review, all have been well used, so there is no need to carry them round with me to test.  I do have some purchases planned, but one of those is not due out till September/October, another will need to wait till the October London Writing Equipment Show (if I can make it and if the manufacturer is there), and a third is very dependant on timing and may have to wait.

On an ‘additional carries’ note.  On these posts I do fail to mention the pens attached to journals/notebooks.  I have two.

  • One is a Midori Traveller Passport, which is carried everywhere.  Presently my Kaweco Sport ‘Orangina’, filled with Kyo-Noto Moonlight over Higashiyama, is in the pen loop.  Oddly enough it’s easier to slide the pen out of its removable clip than to actually unclip the pen from the journal.  Previously the pen attached was a Lamy Dialog 3 loaded with Lamy black.
  • The second journal is an olive Midori Traveller, which is thrown in to my work bag and also travels round with me when on holiday.  The pen in question has for a long time been my Lamy Scala Glacier, filled with Lamy turquoise.