British Pen Makers

Originally I was just going to list the ‘one man band’ makers with links to their sites, but then decided, why not expand it to include the larger companies. Note the lists are not comprehensive and I will add new makers as I am told about or discover them. Net result please come back to this occasionally to see what’s new – I have added a tracker to the bottom of the page so you can see who has been added since your last visit.

So why do this? Well I’ve tried for quite a while now to support the small British makers. We are in the fortunate position where we seem to be gaining a couple of new ones each year, some are started as hobbies, some as some thing to do as they step closer and into retirement, and some with a view of becoming full time at some point.

Caveat. While I do or have owned pens from around a dozen on this list (so far) I do not have experience with all of them to make enquiries or to order.

The One Person Bands

Note where the following maker has an Instagram site, check out their photos for the latest offerings then message them.


I’m only using links below where you can buy pens directly from them (including at pen shows). All of these can be found at at least one or more UK based retailers, and some high street art and school supply shops.

For anyone wondering where Italix/Mr. Pen is, I have left him of the list as Peter Ford announced he will be retiring towards the end of 2021.

Pen Kit Users

Originally I was going to leave those who just use pen kits off the list, partly due to the poor reputation many of these have within the community (the down side really to a lot of the hobbyists with lathes who turn up at craft/X-Mas fairs), however I am also fully aware of the costs in finances, time and effort to move on to fully making pens. It is not just the purchasing of a die to cut a Bock, JoWo, or Schmidt nib unit thread in to a piece of material but also the designing and testing of caps, threads, new materials, etc. In addition to this I realised that most of the pen kit users who have their own websites are the serious ones who we would still normally consider. As a result this list will start small but I do expect it to increase over time.

If you make pens or are starting up and wish to be added to the list then please contact me through the contact link at the top of the page.


13/08/2021 – Original release.
14/08/2021 – AuRola added.
16/08/2021 – Clyde Pen Company added.
11/09/2021 – Ritters Writers added.
28/01/2022 – Pen 7 added.
17/05/2022 – Nine – Bespoke Pens added.
08/10/2022 – Shibui North added.
10/05/2023 – Devon Pens added.
25/05/2023 – Tom Marchant of Bright Night Designs added.