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Hold the front third page, Dapprman has actually changed the pens in his daily carry!!  This has partly come off the back of the purchase of a number of second hand pens, all of which have made the main six (well seven if you include the Pelikan Duo highlighter).  Thing is it could change again within just a few weeks as the Spring London Pen Show is in just eight days time, and while I’ve nothing specific I’m looking for (maybe a Platinum Curidas or a Sailor Realo), I suffer from my ‘ooh shiny’ weakness moments.

So what are the changes, the first in four months?  Now the pens on my journals are the same, and I do not see them changing any time soon (though a Platinum Curidas may make an interesting alternative to the VP presently being in use).

I’ll be honest, some of the pens previously in the case I thought would be there for the long term.  Unchanged from last time (with positions left to right):

  • Pelikan M205 Duo with a double broad steel nib.
  • Lamy Imporium with a fine 14k gold nib.
  • Franklin Christoph 451 CDLI with a Mike Masuyama needlepoint grind steel nib.

The one changes are as follow:

  • First is the Leonardo Momento Zero Hawaii, which has been in the collection since I bought it at last years Spring London Pen Show.  It is a very comfortable pen, but I’ve rarely used it in recent times.  In comes a Jade Platinum Century 3776 with a fine 14k gold nib and loaded with Organic Studios Uranium ink, which matches the colour of the celluloid nicely.  Yes this is a celluloid pen and a hard one to find as they are made in limited batches (plus Platinum may no longer have a source for more rods).
  • The Scribo Feel is still one of my all time favourite pens, but I’m also a big fan of the OMAS 360.  Having previously used a Modern 360 (flat angled finials, cart/converter) I wanted another, larger, and a piston filler.  A 360 Vintage with a broad nib just sits in my drawer as the line it put down was just too wide for work.  It was by accident I stumbled across my new (and possibly long term) carry.  A OMAS Vintage with a EF 18k nib in turquoise.  The catch – not the cost, as this was an absolute bargain, but the transparent cotton resin body is permanently stained.  Not an issue as far as I am concerned for a workhorse pen.  Presently it is filled with Platinum Mixable inks Kumpō recipe (in Japanese anglicised phonetics oo is also written as ō as is just implies a strongly/long pronounced letter o).
  • Out went the Sailor Pro Gear KoP with the medium gold nib.  I do enjoy using the pen, however I only like carrying one filled with a red/orange ink at a time.  It’s replacement  is a Stipula Etruria Faceted Alter Ego with a fine 14k gold nib.  This was a limited edition of just 18 pens where the sum is greater than the parts.  How long it will remain a an EDC I do not know, for while it is very tactile, the grip section is similar in nature to the Pelikan M800, which I can find quickly becomes uncomfortable.  it has been filled with Franklin Christoph Sweet Maroon.
  • The final change was the good old Powerful Signature Marine Edition.  This has now been swapped out for the fourth of my recent second hand purchases.  A Lamy Persona in black with gold trims.  Yes the Persona equivalent to my Imporium, and an early 18k gold nib version as well (later the nib became 14k and the clip gained a small roll stop).  This is loaded with Lamy Petrol.

So some big changes.  One of the new comers should be long term workhorse, where as the others are in as they are new to me and may be out again within a month or two.