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There will probably be more pictures than text on this one, so the post will look larger than it is.  I will also try and give URLs where I can.

I’m not in WES or connected with the show organisers so I’m not aware of the reasons for moving the South East pen show, held regularly near the start of March, from Cambridge to London, but I think any fears of a lack of vendors compared to October were lost once you entered the first hall.  Sure not all the regulars were there, but some were down to clashes rather than just wanting to attend the one show a year.  Certainly there were more than usually found at the Cambridge show.

The entrance way and payment desk.


Writing Equipment Society
table on the right with the first set of vendors.  Now in to the second corridor …


Considering I almost bought an ink well (I ran out of cash) from these guys I wish I could remember who they are.

Martin and Anna from The Writing Desk.


The ever present (and I find dangerous to pass) Onoto stand, who’s pens I have previously reviewed (and there may be another one coming up – I did say it was dangerous).


This was where danger and my folly lay …..


Write Here at the far end,


John Hall with a growing set of Write Here Scribos – a pre-production of the Scribo 3 on the left, in blue.


And looking back with Aurora UK on the right, followed by John Foye of St. John Pens, then Stilograph Corsani.


Entering in to the main room (too many to name most (and link if possible), but Niche Pens/Pelikan Pens in their usual spot, complete with lots of ink).



Can’t include pictures of a pen show without a shot of a selection of goods from Sarj ‘One Man Pen Show’ Minhas.

Another regular – John Twiss, posing with another of my failings, and another future review to add to this previous one.



Stefano from Stilograph Corsani once more as I came out from the first entrance to the main room (had entered through the second/far one).

And showing it’s not just fountain pens here …


An interesting ball pen and ink – though not for me.

Finally a few rogue gallery shots of members of the London Fountain Pen Club at lunchtime …

… all ages are welcome …



And of course this would not be complete with out some loot shots …




To me it was a good event.  Sure I lost control of my wallet a little, but that’s my fault and the results will be enjoyed 😀  As ever it was a friendly event and seemed busiest around 11:00 till early afternoon.  Doors opened to early birds at 09:30 ( I waited till full opening), and most vendors seemed to be wrapping up by 16:00.

It is a large show, as will be October, and you should try to control your finances as it is easy to get carried away (I could easily have bought another three or four pens.  I tend just to look at the new stuff, but there was plenty of vintage stock as well.  As to pen parts – I believe from others that this has been lacking at the last few LWESs, but then I suppose the vendors both have to be able to make the events, and where they are selling low cost, low margin items to fewer people, they need to still break even to justify a stall.

If you’ve not been to a pen show before and are into modern and more recent pens then it is worth going to the London ones.  Better still come join us at the London and/or South East Fountain Pen Clubs (meeting at the Bierschenke, near Liverpool St Station in London and The Heron on the Lake, in Fleet) for some social pen fun, then it also means people to wander round with at the show (contact me directly for more details).