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I can’t believe it has been seven months since I last updated this list. I know I have been busy recently, then hit by a wave of apathy, but really I should have created this post around October time.

The Permanent Resident

Franklin Christoph Model 66 Stablis in frosted ice with a medium SIG steel nib, filled with Montblanc Lucky Orange. It is still sharing the red/orange writing with other pens below.

The Other Pens

Benu Euphoria with a medium steel nib and filled with Lamy Crystal Azurite. I was surprised this was not in my previous list, but then it was bought at the Spring London Pen Show just before that update was written.

Gravitas FPUK22 with a double broad steel nib and filled with Scribo Arancio di Scicillia. This has joined the Pininfarina PF Two as my quick note taker, normally sitting on my desk note pad, rather than above my keyboard, where all the other pens here lie.

Magna Carta Elements Water with a medium steel nib, filled with Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire. Finding it hard to stop using this pen. Says a lot about the model and especially the nib.

Magna Carta Denima with a medium steel nib, filled with Robert Oster Fire and Ice. A pen show purchase which I had been looking to buy at some point direct from the Magna Carta website if it had come back in to stock.

Nine Bespoke Pens Rosetta with a medium steel nib, filled with Dominant Industry Earl Grey Tea. Another October London Pen Show purchase, and one of the new red/orange inked pens.

Onoto Platinum Jubilee Magna Classic with a broad steel nib and filled with Lamy Crystal Azurite. A Writing Equipment Society special edition to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of our late Queen. I joined the society just to get this pen and as my memory for that celebration, I am a Royalist after all. Presently this is the main pen I use for signing in, where required.

Pininfarina Segno PF2 with a medium steel nib, filled with Pilot Iroshizuku Syo-Ro. Possibly just one fill of the ink left, so I expect to see this still out next time, but with a new fill. The well implemented magnetic cap (Visconti, Pineider, {cough}, {cough}) makes this perfect for a quick note taking desk pen.

ScriBo Write Here Mariana (Release 4) with a medium 14k gold flex nib, filled with Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku. Not used that much, but still enough to justify its position in my rotation.

Ryan Krusac L14 Fountain Pen Day Scholarship with a medium steel nib, filled with Lamy Turmaline. Been using this pen more recently, enjoying the feel of the wood. Just changed the ink from Krishna RC Moonview as it was causing hard starts. Sorry fans of the Krishna RC range, but they are not good fountain pen inks.

Yard-O-Led Astoria Grand with its 18k gold medium nib, filled with Robert Oster Burgundy Chocolate Notes. Moved out of my daily carry set, but still being used.

In the Kitchen

Powerful Signature Orkney Heather with a medium steel nib, filled with Scribo Rosso Chianti.

Moved to the Daily Carry Set

Onoto Scholar with a medium steel nib, filled with Pelikan Edelstein Onyx. Been a joy to use this pen since I picked it up at the Spring 2022 London Pen Show, where it was launched. Now I actually do not have a black ink in any of the pens at my desk.

Pilot Custom 823 in Amber with a medium 14k nib and filled with Robert Oster Citrus. I still tend to take this pen with me when I’m using my larger Midori journal to take notes where it is used as an alternate colour to the purple in the Lamy Scala attached to that.

ScriBo Piuma with an extra fine 18k nib, filled with ScriBo Grigio. Still the pen I use to annotate documentation.

Back in to Storage

Gravitas Skittles Polished with a medium steel nib. I think it was only a matter of time before this pen was returned to storage. Too many pens out with red or orange inks.

Kilk Novo-Baroque with a fine steel nib. I must admit I was getting bored of this pen. The latest generation of Bock steel nibs just leaves me cold, plus another victim of too many pens with red or orange inks.

Pininfarina Segno PF1 with a broad steel nib. I just was not using this pen, unlike its brother.

Titan Round 250 with a double broad steel nib. OK the ‘Water Melon Man‘ was not in serious use, but it was a bit of fun. Now the ink has been finished, it was time to put it away.

Wancher Seven Treasures with a medium 18k nib. Another pen I was just not using. Looks alone could not keep this one out.

Attached to Journals

Gravitas Pocket in Skittles finish with a fine steel nib, filled with Scribo Verde Prato, attached to my Midori Traveller Passport.

Lamy Scala in Dark Violet (2019 limited edition) with a fine 14k gold nib (which was swapped in at purchase for the stock steel nib) and filled with Faux Lamy Dark Lilac, attached to my Midori Traveller.

Notebook is a Leuchtturm 1917.