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Only three months since I last posted about this set, comparatively short time when you consider the seven months gap with my daily use set.

I am still doing voluntary work Mondays and Tuesdays for the Hertfordshire office of another hobby of mine. I suspect I will continue to do so for a good few years. Since I started there has been a slight change in the make up of this pen set.

Still in place:

  • First is the rOtring Initial with the medium steel nib. The ink has changed as I ran out of Franklin-Christoph Spanish Blue and instead it is now loaded with Pelikan Edelstein Topaz.
  • The second pen is my amber Pilot Custom Heritage 823 with a medium gold nib and filled with Robert Oster Citrus. As I have said multiple times, this is a true work horse pen.
  • Next up is my Onoto Scholar with a medium steel nib, filled with Pelikan Edelstein Onyx. I am not actually using it much as there is little need for me to use a formal black ink.
  • My ScriBo Piuma with its extra fine 18k gold nib, is still there for fine annotation. It is filled with ScriBo Grigio Scribo (original version that was given away for free with the first ScriBo Feels if bought direct from the maker).
  • Fifth is my Sailor Pro Gear KoP Fire limited edition, filled with Kyo-Iro Moonlight over Higashiyama. This pen has the 21k gold medium nib.
  • While I could consider Pelikan Duo ink to be a bit of fun, as it does not work as well as the more traditional Stablo style highlighters, and none work with fountain pen ink (you will always get smears). I have noted, however, that the steel BB nib is very dependant on paper type for how wide a line it will produce and on a cheap office ring bound notepad, this was not much. Also if not used for a while, the ink does gum up slightly, causing rough starts, as I found out when creating the writing sample.


  • The new addition is the Sailor King of Pen Sunset over the Ocean which I picked up at the October London Pen Show. It has a medium 21k nib and is filled with Kyo-Iro Soft Snow over Ohara.


  • Alas for the Yard-O-Led, it’s time in this set was short, however you will already have read that it is still in use as part of my daily set.