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Last Sunday, the 9th of October, saw the London Pen Show, held once more at the Hammersmith Novotel. Despite the weather forecast being for rain, it proved to be a dry though chilly day, which of course was moot once we were inside and wandering round.

While a number of the regulars and recent big attendees, such as Cult Pens, were not present, it was good to see an increase in the number of vendors, some being new, some returning. A few of the owners of foreign stores were also spotted wandering around, chatting with those who had made it over to see what problems, if any, there were with moving produce from and to Europe. Hopefully we will see them once more behind tables at future shows.

From what I could tell, the visitor numbers were up, certainly there appeared to be more people around. Amongst the new tables present were Shibui-North (Ruth Bolton), Nine – Bespoke Pens, Gravitas Pens (Ben Walsh) (sharing a table with Jose Munuera) and from India, Magna Carta. Additionally, after a very long gap, Bespoke British Pens were back in Union Flag waist coat glory, now officially as Conway Stewart.

So what did I get …..

So a few shots of individual tables:

Ben Walsh of Gravitas Pens (R) and nibmeiester Jose Munuera (L). In the background, Emy and his wife from Pen Venture, Romania had returned.
Annabelle (R), the Appelboom nibmeister and now creator of sterling silver nibs (being held up by Thomas).
An Onoto Hurricane ‘night fighter’ to the right of the original verion (note that is my name for the black hurricane, not theirs).
Hiren Kanakhara of Magna Carta Pens on what seems like a world tour, as he has also been at a few recent US based pen shows.
Conway Stewart/Bespoke British Pens.
Sarah Parker of Quill and Owl – interesting pen wraps made out of the same woollen material as used for the uniforms of the Royal Guards (so tough and resilient).

As always I enjoyed the social side to the show and it took me close to two hours to get around the first time as I kept bumping in to people I know and chatting.

And now some shots from around the show.

Time to save up for the Spring Show… hopefully see a few of you there.