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Five months since last time and there have been a few changes, though some of what you see may be temporary. One thing that is interesting to note is just how many of the pens below have steel nibs, almost a reverse of the Daily Carry set.

The Permanent Resident

Franklin Christoph Model 66 Stablis in frosted ice with a medium SIG steel nib, filled with Montblanc Lucky Orange. It is still sharing the red/orange writing with other pens below, though I’m wondering for how much longer as I’m not really using it. What does keep it out is the nib, but come the next update this stanza may be no more.

The Other Pens

Gravitas FPUK22 with a double broad steel nib and filled with Scribo Arancio di Scicillia. This, alongside the Pininfarina Segno PF Two, is one of my two quick note takers, normally sitting on my desk note pad, rather than above my keyboard, where all the other pens here lie.

Lamy 2000 with a medium 14k gold nib and filled with Lamy Black. Brought out to be used with my piece on the pen model and now kept out, which was not originally planned.

Magna Carta Elements Water with a medium steel nib, filled with Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire. Finding it hard to stop using this pen. Says a lot about the model and especially the nib.

Montblanc 146 with a medium, stub like, 14k nib and filled with Montblanc Toffee Brown. Sure the pen was brought out to photo alongside my Lamy 2K, however I’ve decided to keep it out. I find this 146 a rather boring pen to use, but very reliable. Perhaps it just deserves a second chance. Note this is a pen from 1990-1992 based on nib, cap band, ink window, and feed, so has a softer and much more pliant nib than the modern nails (which I do not enjoy).

Nine Bespoke Pens Rosetta with a medium steel nib, filled with Dominant Industry Earl Grey Tea. Just an enjoyable pen to look at and use, which is also occasionally carried with me to take minutes when being a Secretary in one of my other hobbies…

Onoto Platinum Jubilee Magna Classic with a broad steel nib and now filled with Diamine for Cult Pens Coronation. A Writing Equipment Society special edition to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of our late Queen filled with an ink to celebrate next weekend’s Coronation. As previously mentioned, I am quite openly a Royalist after all. Presently this is the main pen I use for signing in, where required, even with it now being loaded with a shimmer ink.

Pininfarina Segno PF2 with a medium steel nib, filled with Pilot Iroshizuku Syo-Ro. Now the last fill as the bottle was emptied. The well implemented magnetic cap (Visconti, Pineider, {cough}, {cough}) makes this perfect for a quick note taking desk pen.

In the Kitchen

Powerful Signature Orkney Heather with a medium steel nib, filled with Scribo Rosso Chianti.

Back in to Storage

Benu Euphoria with a medium steel nib. I was in two minds about moving this pen to storage. On the one hand, as the sun starts to set and the light levels drop, you do see a nice hint of glow from the ends, however I was just not using it.

Gravitas Pocket in Skittles finish with a fine steel nib. As the pen attached to my pocket journal this has suffered over a year of abuse and I was now finding the section was starting to unscrew in my pocket more often, resulting in the pen dropping out of the cap, resulting in the need to retire it.

Magna Carta Denima with a medium steel nib. I do enjoy using the pen, but I kept having to refill it due to ink evaporation, plus I much prefer my Elements, which is still in use.

Ryan Krusac L14 Fountain Pen Day Scholarship with a medium steel nib. Despite changing the ink to a far better behaved one and loving the feel of wood, this pen once more was just not feeling the love it deserves.

ScriBo Write Here Mariana (Release 5) with a medium 14k gold flex nib. The lack of use eventually resulted in it being put away.

Yard-O-Led Astoria Grand with an18k gold medium nib. Having been moved out of the Daily Carry set, I think it was only a matter of time before it was put away once more.

Attached to Journals

Lamy Scala in Dark Violet (2019 limited edition) with a fine 14k gold nib (which was swapped in at purchase for the stock steel nib) and filled with Faux Lamy Dark Lilac, attached to my Midori Traveller journal.

Shibui North Pocket Pen made of copper, with a fine (?) steel nib and filled with Diamine Ancient Copper. This new pen (March 2023 London pen Show purchase) is now mated to my Midori Traveller Passport pocket journal, and so will receive some serious abuse from now on. This did result in the need to purchase a new Traveller pen loop.