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OK, let’s be honest. Most of us have pens in our collection that we know we should really get rid of, but which visually appeal too much. The works of art, the bright coloured ones, fountain pens with glitter and glow. We are all guilty of this, so when I grabbed a number of pens I keep out but use little, little did I realise quite how many pens I have that can fall in to this bracket.

As I started to add pens, those that are regularly and semi-regularly used, the numbers started to add up. Just how many did I have that visually had appeal, pens I was happy to pick up and rotate in my hands, where pleasure did not have to come from the experience of writing. There were a few more than I anticipated, and the photo below was far from being all inclusive.

So want to confess to your guilty secrets ….

As to the pens directly above, Top row left to right:

Second row:


And from the other end, so as to who the shippo yaki jewel on the Wancher.

In addition, in the top photo there is also:

  • Platinum 3776 Century Kumpō
  • Platinum 3776 Jade Celluloid
  • Franklin Christoph Model 66 Stabilis
  • Yard-O-Led Astroria Grand
  • Stipula Etruria Miele (loan pen)


  • The links above are for my reviews for those specific pens.
  • Where there are no links there still may be pages covering these models, such as a Fist Full of Franklins and ScriBo.
  • I actually removed a good 4-6 pens as the main picture was already looking cluttered and crowded.
  • The ō in Kumpō is the correct phonetic spelling as it is a strong or long O not an oo. For some reason it is not uncommon for strong vowels to be represented by a double letter in English, hence the oo. It should be pronounced kumpO not kumpoo. In Kanji and Hiragana there is no difference in writing, it is just how the phoneme or word is pronounced.
  • Almost certainly if you have read this far then you are already constructing your own list.