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I am quite open about the abuse the pen attached to my Midori Traveller Passport journal takes, Much is the bouncing around in a large cargo pants pocket, bouncing with every step I take. It is now time to consider a change, either from within my existing collection or some thing new.

I have been using my Gravitas Pocket Pen in this role for over a year now and it has been a solid performer, however the vibrations occasionally cause the barrel to unscrew from the cap, resulting in it dropping out. This leaves the nib resting against the cloth in the pocket, absorbing all the ink from the pen. Fortunately it’s been winter and the trousers I wear have been black, so the staining has not been visible. Unfortunately this is starting to happen more. Might just be me not tightening the cap enough or it might be the cap threads wearing slightly.

Regardless of the reason, the pen has been a good trooper and perhaps now is as a good time to change as any, after all variation is part of our hobby. The catch is it either has to fit in a Midori 016 pen loop (about 14mm in my stretched one) else have a suitable clip which will fit in a Midori 015 clip loop (though this is getting soft and the is no longer sold). Additionally the pen should not be longer than ~13cm in length.

So far (part grabbed from the Gravitas review linked above) I have used:

  • Lamy Dialog 3 – the inner unit used to regularly start to unscrew. Additionally it is a bit heavy, large and slow to use.
  • Pilot E95S – the converter came loose and while bouncing around started to act like a piston so when I took the cap off it was full of ink. Without posting this can be a little small, plus there is the potential the converter to come loose again.
  • Pilot Vanishing Point – ink was forced out of the nib/converter and collected behind the trap door. After a while I would go to write and find a drop of ink falling on to the paper.
  • Platinum Curidas – as with the Pilot VP, ink was forced out of the nib/converter and collected behind the trap door and would drip when clicking to open.
  • Kaweco Sport – when was eye dropper filled it would routinely dump half its ink in the cap and when using a cartridge it was too dry. Additionally, like the Gravitas Pocket Pen, the barrel would occasionally unscrew from the cap.
  • Gravitas Pocket Pen – detailed above.

What ever I go for will not be eye dropper filled, learnt my lesson with the Kaweco Sport. Options within my collection include:

  • Lamy 2000 – except mine has a medium nib and for this use I would really need a fine.
  • Papermate Ninja – a pen from my Fountain Pens for a Fiver articles one and two, though I am not sure it is strong enough and suspect the cap may crack over time.
  • Pelikan M200 Cafe Creme – not sure the plastic on plastic threads will keep the cap on with all the bouncing around.
  • Platinum 3776 Jade – barrel feels more secure than with the Pelikan, but not much more.
  • Platinum 3776 Kumpō – same as above, plus considering the present value of this pen …

Interested to hear any recommendations, just remember the restrictions on length, width, plus any clip must be able to slip over the softened leather edge of the 015 loop.