It’s been half a year since I last put any pens up for sale, and as is all too common in this hobby, I’ve bought more and so need to release some to keep the size of the collection down.  Some were previously listed, most are new and are ones I just do not use (with one exception where the pen with a broad nib, which was too large for every day use, has been replaced by a similar one with a EF nib, which is now in my daily carry).

The prices are without P&P as I’m happy to sell internationally. Note for the UK I will be looking at Royal Mail Special Delivery (may just be tracked for those under £100).

All pictures are linked to larger images which can be zoomed in to. More pictures can be taken and provided upon reasonable request.

Faber WritINK – £12

Blue, medium steel nib. I can include a cartridge. Does not have a converter (and International Standard is too large). I believe I still have the box.

Fine Writing International Bronze (3rd edition ?) – £80

Brass cap, section, and finial. Clear strong acrylic (lexan ?) body. Fine steel nib. Has been used as an eye dropper, but also came with converter. Will come in the original tin and box, along with the eye dropper and an international standard converter (may not be the original one). Note from the final picture you can see odd tarnishing caused by trapped moisture in the cap post cleaning the pen about three months ago.

Lamy LX – £40

Palladium, fine steel nib. Comes with converter and the palladium coloured aluminium tube. Not sure if I have the box for this.  Price reduced from £45 to £40 as new they have become cheaper.

Ranga 8 – £45

Ebonite pen in matt black (unpolished) finish with medium steel JoWo nib. Was bought as part of a Fountain Pen Network Forum group buy. Supplied with converter and possibly a Ranga box (if I still have).

u86/Venvstas Edge – £35

Black textured, may have been 3D printed. EF steel nib. Comes with original and unusual box, each end of which acts as a pen stand. Will include a couple of cartridges – too small to take a converter.  This was a Kick Starter project pen.

John Twiss Green Water Swirl – £130

Demonstrator pen, medium steel nib. Will come with a converter if I have one spare, I only used this pen as an eye dropper. I think I still have the original box.

Ranga Oversized Bamboo – £70

Olive swirl ebonite, fine steel nib (Indian make). This is an eye dropper model which I bought direct from Ranga through their old eBay shop and not through a FPN organised buy. It is a desk pen as when carried it does spill ink in to the cap. It will not take a converter. I may have the original box for this.

Platinum 3776 Briar Shell – £250

Briar wood with textured shell finish, which is then lacquered. Fine gold nib. Note this is not a Century model so the cap push clicks on, not screw. As a result it does not contain the slip’n’seal mechanism and this does affect ink evaporation. Comes with converter. Also comes with the box I got it in (used pen show purchase in 2017), but I think it’s not the original.

Ranga 4 – £50

Clear acrylic eye dropper with an Indian made broad steel nib. Was bought as part of a group buy on the Fountain Pen Network forum. It is an eye dropper model, so will not take a converter, it is also best used as a desk pen as when carried it does spill ink in to the cap. There is a slight notch cut into the ink flow hole to help break surface tension – this was a recommendation on the forum by Ranga Pens.

Waterman Carene – £120

Black with gold trim, medium gold nib. Comes with converter and box.

Jinhao 599 – £5

Transparent blue with fine steel nib. No box. Comes with converter. Pen will not be sold by itself (as postage will cost more) however can be included with other pens.

Note these pens will be drip fed over time on to a number of Facebook fountain pen buy/sell pages.