For Sale

As this hobby can be a combination of Aladin’s Cave and black hole, from time to time I may look to sell a number of my pens.  At present it’s not going to be very often, but who knows what the future holds.  After all selling pens is a great way to justify buying new ones, and we’re all like kids in a candy store in this hobby.
All pens will be tested and cleaned.

Note the given prices do not include postage, this will be tracked and depend on where the pen is to be sent to. Most/all pens will come in their original boxes.

Faber Castell
eMotionRhombus WhiteMedium Steel£60
Faber CastellWritINKBlueMedium Steel£12
Faber CastellLoomMatt GunmetalMedium Steel£35
PineiderLa Grande BellezzaMalachite GreenGold Fine Flex£250
Platinum3776 Briar ShellDark Brown
Gold Fine£250
WatermanCareneBlack with gold trimGold Medium£120


OGIVA Vintage Cocktail Blue AngelBlueGold 52 Degrees
Conway StewartChurchillRed StardustGold Broad