I’m a bit stop/start when it comes to trimming the collection. I envy those who are able to just look at their pens, grab a number, advertise them and sell them (though in reality most still need to work their way through the various for sale sites/platforms). I actually composed this list a while back, but never acted until now and have split the total listing in to two as I’m posting these on the Fountain Pen UK Facebook group and do not want to abuse the freedom to occasionally advertise.

Note this is a UK only sale.

First off, the following picture shows all the pens for sale across the two post.

I’ve purposely done this so anyone interested in today’s pens who also wants one from the second set can combine postage. Edit – The Waterman Carene which would have been advertised next week is now sold.

For this week I’m just advertising those pens which come with Fine, Soft-Fine, and Extra Fine nibs. For more information on them or more photos please contact me through the form at the top of the page or the Fountain Pen UK Facebook group.

Unless stated all prices are without postage as that depends on final weight post packing (I’ll be using Royal Mail and tracked and/or signed):

  • Fine Writing International Bronze (steel fine) – £80 (including postage, see details.)
  • Jinhao 599 (steel fine) – £5 (will not be sold separately as postage will cost more than the pen.)
  • Lamy Aion (steel fine) – £35
  • Lamy LX (steel fine) – £40
  • Platinum 3776 Briar Shell (14k fine)- £250
  • Platinum 3776 Century (14k SF) – £90
  • Ranga Giant Bamboo (steel fine) – £70
  • u86 The Edge (steel EF) – £35