I’m a bit stop/start when it comes to trimming the collection. I envy those who are able to just look at their pens, grab a number, advertise them and sell them (though in reality most still need to work their way through the various for sale sites/platforms). I actually composed this list a while back, but never acted until now and have split the total listing in to two as I’m posting these on the Fountain Pen UK Facebook group and do not want to abuse the freedom to occasionally advertise.

Note this is a UK only sale.

First off, the following picture shows all the pens for sale across the two post.

This is a follow on from last week’s sale. From the above the Waterman (left side second pen down), U86 (right side 2nd pen down), and Platinum 3776 Century (right side 7th pen down) have been sold.

For this week I’m just advertising those pens which come with medium or larger nibs including stubs. Last week’s sale post can be found here. For more information on them or more photos please contact me through the form at the top of the page or the Fountain Pen UK Facebook group.

All prices are without postage as that depends on final weight post packing (I’ll be using Royal Mail and tracked and/or signed):

  • Faber Castell WritINK (steel medium) – £12 (note this pen is too thin to take a converter)
  • Lamy Al-Star Charged Green (steel medium) – £10 (2016 special edition)
  • Lamy Al-Star Pacific (steel medium) – £10 (2018 special edition)
  • Lamy Safari All Black (steel medium) – £10 (2018 special edition)
  • Lamy Safari Petrol steel medium) – £25 (2017 special edition)
  • Lamy Studio (steel 1.5) – £30
  • Ranga 4 (Conklin branded steel broad) – £50 (eye dropper filled. FPN forums group buy pen)
  • Ranga 8 (Jowo steel medium) – £45 (matt finished ebonite, FPN forums group buy pen)
  • Twiss Pens (steel medium) – £130