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Just a few weeks back I posted my review of a Yard-O-Led Astoria Grand I picked up at last October’s London Pen Show.  I mentioned how I had contacted YOL over the history of the pen and the possibilities of replacing the clip band with the correct sterling silver one (with hallmarks).  Within a day I had a reply.

With many thanks from Alex, the workshop manager at Yard-O-Led I was able to find out that the model was launched not long after the company was purchased by Filofax around 1992.  It was an entry point for those customers who wanted a YOL pen but could not afford or did not want a sterling silver one (the Astoria still had a sterling silver grip section, plus metal/bright work).  While the range was dropped in the early 2000s, YOL still sold a few privately for a few years after.

On my pen.  The clip was probably a replacement and either they no longer have details of serial numbers from back then else it does not match their records.  Apparently to Alex the clip is the correct one for the model but it could have been from another pen or pencil and they believe there were some of these clips going round the pen shows a number of years back.

As to repairing/replacing the band.  It can be done and the cost was not too bad and included a new clip and P&P, however the hallmark will also be new as it includes the year of testing.  Net result I’m not sure whether to get it done.  I like the pen as is, and the only reason for replacing the clip/band would be to take it back to original condition in case I were to sell the pen.  I’m not sure a 2020 hallmark would work in that respect.

I have to give my thanks to Alex at Yard-O-Led for his quick and informative responses to my questions.