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Been a couple of months since I last did a daily carry post, but when I wrote the first one I did say it would not be a regular feature.

First thing you’ll notice is I’m not using the Franklin-Christoph Penvelope 6, but rather my 12 slot Visconti case.  The reason behind this is the desire to use the new pens I picked up at the London Spring Pen Show, partly with a view to be able to review most of them having given the pens a decent use.

So unchanged from last time (with positions left to right):

  • Pelikan M205 Duo with double broad nib steel nib.
  • Lamy Imporium with fine 14k gold nib.
  • Visconti Medici Oversized with medium palladium nib.
  • Visconti Homosapiens Bronze Age Oversized with fine palladium nib.
  • ScriBo Feel with fine 18k gold nib.
  • Franklin Christoph 451 CDLI with Mike Masuyama needlepoint grind steel nib.

The changes are as follows (with positions left to right):

  • The Amber Pilot Custom 823 with the medium gold nib has been swapped for the Smoke Pilot Custom 823 with the gold FA nib, filled with Diamine SBRE Brown.  This was partly due to adding another (temporary) pen filled with a red ink, and partly the desire to carry a ‘flex’ nib with me.
  • The Leonardo Momento Zero with the medium nib and filled with Robert Oster Fire and Ice ink was originally added as a show purchase but has rapidly become a favourite and as I mentioned in my review last week, this makes a great everyday carry.
  • The John Twiss Thuya Burl pen was another pen show addition, filled with Montblanc Toffee Brown and awaiting decent usage.
  • The Onoto ‘Dubai influenced’ Magna Classic Burgundy Pearl with chasing, filled with Diamine Earl Grey has been used off and on and will be removed after review, not because it’s not a good pen, I just prefer to use my Onoto pens for more specific or ceremonial occasions.
  • The Taccia Covenant, filled with Waterman Red is in for test purposes and is the cause of the amber Pilot Custom 823 being removed.

Going Forwards:
Once I finish testing the show purchases (and reviewing most/all) I will probably drop the two Viscontis.  I just do not use them.  The Medici is nice to look at, but that does not make it an everyday carry, and the Bronze Age feels nice, but again is just not being used.  The Taccia will also go – as I will explain in my future review, it is a good pen, but just not to my tastes (and so will also probably be put up for sale).  I’m not sure yet what I will carry for red ink – the amber Pilot Custom 823 will probably be brought back.  As to the Twiss pen and the Onoto – the former may prove to be a nice ‘grab’ pen as the Powerful Signature Marine Edition is (maybe that might return), and so may stay, time will tell.  Finally the Pilot Custom 823 with the FA nib may also be removed as the ScriBo gives more flex than you would expect for a non Extra Flexible nib.

Now the writing samples: