Before I started to do the ink reviews I did say they were a work in progress. Now I have completed two batches, the available inks from ScriBo and the Cult Pens Diamine Flower Inks Set. I am now about to move on to others, the Monteverde Sweet Life collection (minus 2 alas) and more regular inks.

So what are the changes, well minor really. I will be dropping the YouTube video. The idea was not to push my channel but to show short clips of ink drops spreading in water. I only wanted them to be ~10 seconds long, however YouTube now insists that anything 60 seconds or under has to be a ‘short’, which is in a slightly different format and which can not be linked in to the majority of blogging sites such as WordPress. Net result I was forced to record at least a minute of footage and unsurprisingly they are not looked at that often and when they are it is only for 5-10 seconds. Thus I am dropping them from future reviews. Sure, if YouTube start to allow shorts to be linked in to blogs then I might re-introduce them.