For those of us in the UK today our late Queen, Elizabeth the 2nd, will be laid to rest. Many of us will be watching the funeral on television, and not only just Royalists such as myself. Such was the respect she commanded. She has been a fixture in our life, for many of us the only monarch we had known until she passed away on the 8th.

Many of us work from late teens/early twenties until we hit our mid-sixties, yet Her Majesty carried on working behind the scenes while not on active duty right up to her last days. For over 70 years, through the winding down of the Empire, the build up of the Commonwealth and 15 prime ministers (with her inviting our present PM to take office just two days before her death). Many these days are too young to be aware that she actually started her duties as a Royal when she was just 14 years old, live on the radio broadcasting to the children of the UK and the Empire during our darkest hours. At 18 she then famously, by her own choice, went on to join the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS), the women’s branch of the British Army, despite her Royal position allowing her to avoid the compulsory call up of all unmarried women under 30.

Growing up in England you were always aware of her presence, her duty to the Country. I barely remember her Silver Jubilee in 1977 (I was just 9 after all), with an organised street party (something that had not been done in my area before or since) being part cancelled as it rained. As a cub, scout, venture scout, and scout leader (I stopped when I went to university) I took obligations in her name and saw no wrong in it. I am regularly at events where the National Anthem is sung, and despite being tone death and embarrassed by my poor singing, I join in with gusto. As I said at the start, I am unapologetically a Royalist and I think it was the strength and power of her Majesty that many of us are.

May Her Late Majesty Rest in Peace
Regina 1952-2022

Long Live the King.