Just a quick post this Friday. I do have a number of ink reviews already written (for the last 3 ScriBo inks and the first of the Cult Pens Flower Series), however I want to keep those for Wednesdays. I also have a completed review on a pen I was selling. Alas the buyer also had to sell a pen to be able to afford mine and as he was unable to do so at the time the deal went on hold. I’m not going to post it yet else it might seem like a sales pitch (plus it would need re-writing).

I do have a number of pens I bought still to review. From the last London Pen Show I have a Benu Euphoria. From the recent Cult Pens sale I also have an Esterbrook Phaeton 300R (I can not find any pictures of the original it was based on, that’s my poor excuse), a Sheaffer VFM, and an iridescent Kaweco Sport. Additionally there are a couple more pens coming my way through United Inkdom. I also need to write the promised review of the ScriBo Write Here.

Ink wise, I will be looking to do group, then individual ink reviews of Lamy (not Crystal) and Pelikan Edelstein inks. I did mention a number I am missing of the latter brand in my ‘Busy Times‘ post, though I think I’ve now sourced some Golden Beryl.