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I can’t believe it has been almost half a year since I last did one of these and recently there have been some changes, partly due to the 2021 International Fountain Pen Day and Black FridayWeek sales.

The Permanent Resident

Franklin Christoph Model 66 Stablis in frosted ice with a medium SIG steel nib, filled with Montblanc Lucky Orange. Due to one pen below with a similar ink it has only seen occasional use in the last few months.

The Other Pens

Montblanc 146 with a medium (?) 14k gold nib, filled with Montblanc Toffee Brown. This finally appeared at a pen club meet last November. Still reliable, still boring.

Pilot Custom 823 in Amber with a medium 14k nib and filled with Robert Oster Citrus. Presently this has been usurped as the default go-to pen by the Magna Carta Elements, though in time things might swing back. I also tend to take it with me when I’m using my larger Midori journal to take notes where it is used as an alternate colour to the purple in the Scala attached to that.

Magna Carta Elements Water with a medium steel nib, filled with Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire. Still really enjoying this pen and it was good to see this model being recently reviewed by Stephen Brown on his YouTube channel.

Gravitas in Skittles Polished finish with a medium steel nib, filled with Noodlers Apache Sunset. Not being used as much as before, the nib in the F-C Stablis 66 is a lot more interesting than a stock JoWo nib will ever be, however it is still providing me with shiny goodness.

Wancher Seven Treasures in maroon Bakelite and Sangria Shippoyaki finial with a medium 18k nib, filled with Kyo-Iro Soft Snow of Ohara. This pen is still lined up for being reviewed. After then how long it will remain out is uncertain.

Lamy Imporium with a fine 14k nib, filled with Lamy Black. One of the pens that has been moved across from my work carry so I can have a reliable pen at hand filled with a black ink.

ScriBo Piuma in Utopia finish with an extra fine 18k nib, filled with ScriBo Grigio. I rarely need to annotate documentation, however this is the pen I use for that purpose.

Pininfarina Segno PF1 with a broad steel nib, filled with Robert Oster Fire & Ice. Since reviewing this pen I’ve been quite happy to keep it out in use.

Pininfarina Segno PF2 with a medium steel nib, filler with Pilot Iroshizuku Syo-ro. Love using this pen so can see it staying in the daily use collection for a long time to come.

ScriBo Write Here (4) Mariana Deep Blue with a medium 14k gold flex nib, filled with Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku. Bought at the October 2021 London Pen Show, this is the reason why the Zucca Feel has been cleaned and put away.

John Garnham Teal Breaker with a medium steel nib, filled with Diamine Teal Breaker. This was from the FPUK Facebook group Teal Breaker group purchase for 2021. A well made and interesting pen, I know some were put off by the engraved Teal Breaker and edition number (01/55 for mine) on the side. Don’t let Bernardo know, but to me it’s more of a turquoise than a teal (Dappr being controversial …).

Powerful Signature Orkney Heather with a medium steel nib, filled with Rohrer und Klinger Helianthus (Sunflower). I’ve always liked Powerful Signature pens and jumped at the chance to get another when Rob made a couple from left over bits of OMAS acrylic. Cost I assume reflected this though to be honest he could have sold them for his normal price and no one would be the wise. BTW I’m assuming it was using up left over parts of rods due to three different colours being used, I could be wrong. Looks good regardless.

Diplomat Arrow in Turquoise with a broad steel nib, filled with Diamine Happy Holiday. Review to follow on this pen now I’ve finally bought one. Been used for writing X-Mas cards and has left me wondering if I should be allowed to write a thank you letter in an ink with both sheen and shimmer.

Back in to Storage

ScriBo Feel in the Zucca finish with a fine 18k gold nib.
Parker ‘New Duofold’ Senior with a stub 14k nib.
Nettuno 1911 Black Sands with a medium steel nib.
Leonardo Momento Zero in Hawaii Finish with a medium steel nib.
Pilot Capless/Vanishing Point in Tropical Turquoise (2019 limited edition) with a medium 14k gold nib.

Attached to Journals

Gravitas Pocket in Skittles finish with a fine steel nib, filled with De Atrimentis Black Red. Yes I have a second Gravitas pen, and yes I was on the wait list for this one. Now attached to my Midori Traveller Passport. Review to follow.

Lamy Scala in Dark Violet (2019 limited edition) with a fine 14k gold nib (which was swapped in at purchase for the stock steel nib) and filled with Faux Lamy Dark Lilac.