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It has only been four months since I last did an update, a remarkably short period for me. There have been some changes since my last pen list from back in April. This was partly a result of the football related England v Italy piece which did result in a couple being kept in use, a number of new pens claiming their place or presently being tested, and a number that should be in my work carry case.

The Permanent Resident

Franklin Christoph Model 66 Stablis in frosted ice with a medium SIG steel nib, filled with Montblanc Lucky Orange. Due to one pen below with a similar ink it has only seen occasional use in the last few months.

The Other Pens

Montblanc 146 with a medium (?) 14k gold nib, filled with Montblanc Toffee Brown. – Still in my daily use set, still not often used, and still to be reviewed or at least covered to show the benefits of an older MB pen and the complexities of dating it.

Pilot Custom 823 in Amber with a medium 14k nib and filled with Robert Oster Citrus. Generally the default go to when not reviewing pens, I’m reminded just how good the 823 is. It is also good to see that Pilot Europe have finally decided to let the British pen shops sell it.

ScriBo Feel in the Zucca finish with a fine 18k gold nib, filled with Monteverde Green. While the looks of the Feel may be divisive, the comfort factor the barrel design provides is hard to beat. Since last time the ink was changed to an another Italian one for the Euro Finals fountain pen fun post.

Magna Carta Elements Water with a medium steel nib, filled with Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire. For some reason I thought this was in my last write up but it must have arrived after then. I do enjoy using this pen and just need to remember to keep it nib up at an angle when not in use to prevent the ink burping the silicone sac can cause.

Gravitas in Skittles Polished finish with a medium steel nib, filled with Noodlers Apache Sunset. Another recent purchase and another where there should be no surprise that I’m still using it. Only catch is I’m not a fan of the ink. By itself the orange looks nice, but alongside other inks, especially reds and oranges, and it looks flat and slightly pale. This pen and ink combination is the aforementioned reason why my 66 Stablis has not been used much in recent times.

Parker ‘New Duofold’ Senior with a stub 14k nib, filled with Parker Black. This was part of my large carry set, but was brought out for use with signing documentation. Only problem is it does suffer badly from ink evaporation due to issues with the cap threads. I think in the past there was cross-threading and the cap may have been forced closed resulting in damage. I could potentially replace the cap and that could fix things, but for sentimental reasons I want to keep the pen as original as possible.

Nettuno 1911 Black Sands with a medium steel nib, filled with Delta Green. Brought back out for the England v Italy post I was reminded how the pen had grown on me over time, with its character and the pleasure of use allowing me to over look its imperfections. With comments like that it may not surprise you that I do fully qualify as a true petrol head as I owned an Alfa Romeo for close to four years (pre face lift 164 3.0 Lusso, and yes it was red/crimson).

Leonardo Momento Zero in Hawaii Finish with a medium steel nib, filled with Leonardo Purple. Yet another pen that came out of storage due to football events. I used to really enjoy this pen so it did surprise me how cold it left me this time round. It is make or break time for this pen as I will be putting a number up for sale in the near future and this may well be one of them, something I would not have expected when it was last put away.

Wancher Seven Treasures in maroon Bakelite and Sangria Shippoyaki finial with a medium 18k nib, filled with Kyo-Iro Soft Snow of Ohara. My Kickstarter pen finally arrived, went back to be fixed, then was once more with me. I will be reviewing this pen. It is a mixed bag and feels like trying to turn an art piece in to a fountain pen without checking first if it was possible.

Lamy Imporium with a fine 14k nib, filled with Lamy Black. One of the pens that has been moved across from my work carry so I can have a reliable pen at hand filled with a black ink. I do enjoy using this pen and I do believe it has either been on my desk or part of one of my carry sets since I first bought it in early 2017.

ScriBo Piuma in Utopia finish with an extra fine 18k nib, filled with ScriBo Grigio. My recent pen show purchase should be in my work case as I rarely need to annotate documentation with little spare when at home, but it just feels correct to keep it in front of me.

Attached to Journals

Pilot Capless/Vanishing Point in Tropical Turquoise (2019 limited edition) with a medium 14k gold nib and filled with Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku. – No changes with this pen, still attached to my Midori Traveller Passport and carried in a pocket, though with heading out less it tends to be used only for crossing items off my shopping lists.

Lamy Scala in Dark Violet (2019 limited edition) with a fine 14k gold nib (which was swapped in at purchase for the stock steel nib) and filled with Faux Lamy Dark Lilac.

Note due to the number of pens I had to use different paper this time and while the ink sat nicely on it the nibs themselves did occasionally feel scratchy and there was some hard starting – after on another pad they were fine. Additionally I forgot to include my two daily carry pens, woops.