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I was looking at my pens last week and saw one I had not used for a while, a John Twiss creation made from Thuya Burl wood. It looks good and a lot of attention was made to bringing out its character and beauty. It has been an enjoyable week using the pen and I had created an nice review piece for it, though in true blogging fashion, felt the article was missing something. Photos were taken and about to be processed to find I already had photos …. from the previous time I had covered it … ‘doh !’ I believe is a suitable term. Still it’s a great excuse to show off the new photos of this beautiful pen.

Not sure if you can tell from this photograph but the acrylic housing the threads is actually fixed in to the barrel, not part of the section.

I hope these also help bring out how well John matched the Conway Stewart acrylic he used for the grip and threads to the wood of the pen. The threads help protect the cap from wear and the section from ink seeping in to and staining the burl.

Since buying this fountain pen I have also added the Ryan Krusac L14 FPD Scholarship pen to my collection and it is interesting to look at the two pens side by side as both creators, née artists, appreciate their mediums and take care in bringing the beauty of the wood to the fore, though in different ways resulting in different finishes. It’s worth noting that both use an alternate material for the section and capping threads to help protect the wood, with John using an acrylic resin and Ryan ebonite.