A month ago who would have thought most of us would be stuck at home aside from when shopping for groceries or essential travel.  For many of us the thought of being able to work from home full time would have appealed.  No daily commute, getting out of bed 5-10 minutes before logging in (kids dependant), relaxed attire, …. Problem is the weekends are just a continuation, the only difference being no connecting to work.  Days start to merge and you feel like you’re starting to enter The Twilight Zone …

Most of us do get our work done, however out side of that I’ve noticed a general apathy once finished.  Think it’s down to being unable to get outside, or beyond the garden.  The net result is it’s hard to get motivated to do too much – and for me that includes getting down to reviewing one of my fountain pens.  I’m not alone, looking around the effects of the situation seem to have hit different bloggers in different ways.  Some actually seem to be more productive.  Others, like me, seem to be struggling slightly.  There’s then the big names, the professionals (well almost) who routinely at regular intervals produce.  Sure some of them write/record in bulk so they can keep up the impression of regular work, but many of the bigger names just have so much more self control.  Remember in the pen and stationary world even the Stephen Browns, Brad Dowdys and Dave Parkers have real world jobs.

So yes, I suppose I am making excuses, though ever noticed how cleaning jobs tend to be used to distract you from when you’re meant to be concentrating? – cleaned five pens yesterday 😀 – net result this simple post ha actually taken me several days to write.

So stay safe, stay inside, and keep well.