I, like many in our world (fountain pen collecting and using), will buy the occasional new pen within my financial limits, however when it comes to getting rid I can seem a bit of a hoarder.  Pens sit there, safe and comfortable in my drawers, waiting for the day when once more they will be filled and carried to work, or used at my desk.

So finally I managed to do a proper for sale list and post.  I had previously slipped one in, linked to the top menu, and rather half heartedly filled and promoted, but this time I actually looked at pens I was unlikely to use again, look up how much I paid for them or how much they now cost, and priced them accordingly (meaning a loss for me).

Selling has been a little mixed, though being new to the concept I may not be posting in the right places (two Facebook Fountain Pen Buy/Sell groups), however pen clubs also help and today I managed to sell a few …. yet some how I’ve still gained another pen  🤦‍♂️.  First world fountain pens problems.