It was back to the Klementinum this morning, for an exhibition on the Narod Lodge and key moments in Freemasonry in The Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia at the gallery.  This is open to the public, and while not large, is well done and rather interesting.  What I had not previously known was that amongst the early members of the Lodge (remembering Freemasonry was banned in Czechoslovakia from 1938 (? – when the Munich Agreement was singed) till 1990 (with a short run for a few years post the end of WW2), was Josef Čapek, the inventor/creator of the term ‘robot’.

Next stop was the Charles Bridge, but after taking a few photos nearby I realised I had forgotten to sign the guest book at the exhibition, so I returned to correct this oversight then ran in to some friends having a coffee nearby, so I joined in.

Back to the Bridge, this time four of us, for a slow walk over followed by lunch.  The bridge is well worth the trip and the walk, but be aware it is busy and occasionally you get the automaton type crowds of tour groups – at one point three back to back.  Lunch was pleasant company wise, but so so from over salted food at a restaurant that was meant to be better (Restaurant Pod Vezi).

Rather than wandering on to the Castle, it was time to return to process and upload photos as it was already close to four and one of our group had his flight not much later on.  Also it was now time to start looking for a suitable place for dinner.