I’ve been in two minds whether to do a post about today.  Not because of any secretive stuff with connection to the Masonic part, but more because there’s little of interest to the traveler.  Nite little, not none.

My main reason to come to Prague (and the excuse to turn it into a long weekend) was for the centenary meeting of Narod no 1 Lodge.  It was to be a special event, held at the Klementinum in the Chapel of Mirrors.  While this meeting was being held and their new Worshipful Master ‘Installed’ as the Lodge’s head, any non-Masonic partners were shown around the fabled Baroque Library, before being given a tour of some parts of the city.  Both are really worth seeing, though I believe access to both is limited and might need booking in advance.  As to what happened during the meeting I can’t really say, however there was music during it on the organ played by the extraordinary Vladimír Franz, who’s playing reminded me of Emerson Lake and Palmer at their height and is a really nice guy.

The evening was a private dinner for the above celebration in the lower restaurant (Plzenska restaurant) at the Prague Municipal House.  Black or White tie was option, so I changed out of my normal Masonic morning suit in to black tie (yes with a real bow tie done by myself round my neck – took one attempt and about 30 seconds to tie, then about 10 minutes before I gave up trying to make it look any neater).

Tomorrow will be back to tourist travel and coping with the lost hour.  Plans at present are an exhibition at the Klementinum, followed by a trip across the Charles Bridge, then a wander up the hill to the Castle and Cathedral, all the time while dodging and cursing tour groups.