I went out for a walk to see a few places near by and to take some more photos, before heading back to the hotel and heading out again for an evening meal.  It was then I bumped in to some people going to the same event as me tomorrow and staying at the same hotel.  We agreed to meet in the hotel bar.  I was then rung by someone I know better, who also was at the same hotel and the numbers grew.

My reason for being in Prague is a Masonic event tomorrow (sorry no conspiracy theories to enhance).  I knew of two others going who are staying at other hotels and arriving late tonight.  I’m not new to solo traveling so eating out alone is no problem to me, but social dining can be more fun, so to find myself in a group of five (three fellow Masons and one of their wives (who has an organised trip tomorrow while we have our ‘secrety stuff’ then joining us for a big formal diner after) would make for an interesting evening.

I mentioned to the others I was considering going to the famous Cafe Louvre, which does have good reviews and also does regional meals as well as cakes, coffee/tea, and more generic food.  The others like the idea and oh boy were we glad.  It might have a classic history with a famous list of former regulars (mainly pre WW2), but they do not take themselves too seriously.  The staff were friendly and helpful, for food was very good, and the cakes we had for desert were decidedly naughty.

It was then a gentle walk back to the hotel past a second statue of Kafka, this one a bit of an engineering marvel, then a sociable drink in the hotel bar.

Tomorrow will possibly be a quiet day blog wise as we’ll be leaving the hotel as a group late morning, returning around half four for about an hour then out again.  We’ll see – I might have a wander for about an hour post breakfast.