Normally I post at the start of a trip about where I’m hosting my travel/holiday pictures.  It used to be WebShots, until they changed direction and effectively stopped hosting, then Photobucket, but that is slow and when they went to redo their pricing options it was beyond silly and plain greedy, so I now just have a very limited free account.  I’ve still used it for this trip, but as I have to rotate photos out these may only stay in place for a year or two.  I’ve  not found a suitable alternative, that has sufficient space on a free account, allows a tree structure so I have have different albums per holiday and sub albums/folders for a level or two below, and don’t take/steel owenership.  Answers on a postcard 😉 (Flickr, Imgur, Google Photos, FaceBook are all not suitable for various reasons).

Anyhow, as mentioned I’m still using Photobucket, and my albums can be reached from the item in the top menu, else the Prague specific album can be access here.  Note I’ve just done simple processing and no real filtering so there may be repetition and some shots I’d normally leave out.


Due to Photobucket cracking down further and now limiting the free account to just 250 photos, I will be closing down my much trimmed (and previously paid for) account.  As a result then photos for this holiday can now be found Here on my Microsoft OneDrive