It’s easy to lose track of time, especially when editing and uploading photos, writing a blog, and at the same time looking at the time on a device you’ve not synced locally.  So when at 8 pm I got a call from some of the friends I had agreed to meet for diner earlier in the day I discovered it was not the 7pm I was seeing.  Worse still I had only just started to look up where we should go.  As our hotels were close to each other and one person, Edith – Aistair’s mother, has mobility problems, it made sense to go back to Potrefena Husa Nadroni, after all it does decent local food, and being a chain it is priced and targeted at locals, unlike virtually everywhere else around here.

As before, it was a good experience.  I went for one of the regular beers – Velvet, and it was rather pleasant, more like a lighter bitter of a modern craft ale than a blonde beer.  Also as my lunch had been heavier than planned I just went for the one course – the goulash chili.  Not hot, but still nice, and with the twist of Czech style dumplings added.

Now it’s the final morning, which just means packing as I need to check out by 11.  I will have around 3.5 hours to catch the final sites of interest near by before it’s back on the underground towards the airport.