I want to keep my reviews to every two weeks, however once in a while I’ll post something extra in between.  This time it’s my present carry for work.  This does change over time, but not necessarily quickly, and changes tend to be both due to new pens and change in preferences.  As a result this will not be a regular feature.

So presently I use a Franklin Christoph Penvelope 6 as the case.  Not so much as to stop pens touching, but to reduce the number I was actually taking to work with me.

The pens themselves are as follows:

From left to right:

  • Franklin Christoph 451 CDLI with a steel Mike Masuyama tuned needlepoint nib – this I use where very fine annotation is required.
  • Pilot Custom 823 with a gold FA nib – I just enjoy writing with this pen and tend to use it as a second colour.
  • Pilot Custom 823 with a medium gold nib – this used to be my regular ‘instinctive grab’ pen.  At first it can feel a little plastic and cheap, but after a little use suddenly you realise just why it is such a popular pen.
  • Powerful Signature Marine Edition with a steel medium nib – This has become my normal ‘grab’ pen and I really enjoy using it.   Rob van Nigtevecht is relatively new to the pen making game and at present does not travel far from the North East of England, attends the Newcastle Pen Show and also sells through his website.  I actually discovered him/his pens on one of the UK based pen groups on Facebook.
  • Lamy Imporium with a fine gold nib – my regular pen for when black ink is required.  I’m quite happy with the weight and do prefer this pen to the Lamy 2000.  I leant this pen to Anthony at https://ukfountainpens.com/ to try and review – being a left hooker he found it uncomfortable, but during that time I carried the 2k instead.  Once I got the pen back the 2k went straight back into the drawer.
  • Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age (Oversized) with a fine palladium nib – this is a comfortable pen to use and nicely balance, but it is my least used here.
  • Pelikan M205 Duo with a steel double broad nib – a recent acquisition, in some respects for a bit of fun, but also at the same time rather practical as there’s always a need for a highlighter.  From the first photo you can see this is tucked in to the side of the penvelope (with a cheap propelling pencil ticked in to the other side).

And now the standard writing sample showing what ink is in each: