Well my plans were to head o Mong Kok, eat there, then wander down to Yau Ma Tei and wander along the Temple Street Nightmare.  Problem was I could find lots of eateries for good food, however all were either cafes or lunch time spots for brunch, so I settled with TST.  I had a list of 3 places with good reviews and a route covering all.  I went to the first one, the Wu Kong Shanghai and got a table after a 10 minute wait.  This place has really good reviews, is large and busy.

I settled in, noticing the food on other tables to look good, and promptly ordered a couple of dishes.  Problem was that my Fish in Sweet & Sour sauce was nice, but not great and my noodle dish had been ruined as it tasted of burnt oil.  Then came the next problem – the bill listed the right number of items (inlcuding the stinger of auto-charing you for the peanuts they put down when you take your table), but with no English I had to guess which was which and am highly certain that they seriously over-charged me for the noodle dish.  Was not happy and what’s more had a slightly rough stomach due to the bad food.

Next I wandered up to Jordan then along to Temple Street.  To my surprise there was a small, but nearly empty and Temple street was devoid of life.  Still I got a couple of photos (with permission) of some locals playing Xiangqi/Chinese chess.  I wandered down Temple Street to find the market is now really between two arches (or at least the south side).  It ran for about 3 or 4 blocks, but aside from being at night was little different from Lady’s Market.  It also was shorter than last time we were here.  I then wander along Nathan Rd the rest of the way to Yau Ma Tei station.  I saw signs for the north side of the market, but feeling a little dodgy decided not to wander and take a look.

Still tomorrow is another day.