Today’s plan was simple.  Head to a popular restaurant (I went to a few times with friends on our second group trip, my 3rd visit over here) for lunch, head to Kwong Wa Street where most the airsoft shops are, then go for a wander.

London Restaurant was my target for brunch.  This large dim sum restaurant on Nathan Road covers two entire floors of a large block and is a traditional mixture of pre-order, pick from passing trolleys, and collect from specific counters.  Even with so much space and capacity I still found myself sharing a table with a couple of other people (had to do the same regulary at the Win Tai restaurant at the Wing Yip at Staples Corner, London).  As is the norm, being white with a bag on my back and a camera around my neck, they assume I’m like many other tourists and have just wandered in here as I’ve seen other people head this way or have read a review and have no clue what to do, still I got by with no problem.  Food is not bad, but as with last time, I still prefer the Lin Kee bat Beverley House.

Post lunch it was on to the real purpose for the afternoon.  To find some parts for a broken airsoft gun of mine, price up another (as they are a lot cheaper over here and I have pre-arranged with BA to possibly bring one back), the dosome general shopping.  It was about 1 pm when arrived, so many of the shops were jsut opening.  First stop was the place that online had the parts I needed for my Magpul FPG folding gun.  Parts got with no problem.  Next was looking around for the GHK G5.  Oddly enough a local Masonic contact has a friend who plays and pointed me at one place presently with a website under construction.  Result.  All bar one additional part in stock and at a very good price.  I need to compare with getting the same gun from a Taiwanese reseller who is particularly cheap and ha a good reputation before weighing up if the difference is worth the extra hassle I will have checking in.  Prices obtained and confirmation the shop willbe open on Monday I wandered round looking at the other shops.  It was  a bit like being a school boy in a road of sweet shops, though I was a behaved one and spent no more (for now….).

Anyhow, at some point I was bound to leave (there are only so many shops even when you’re looking for specific things) and so I went for a random wander and did exactly the same as the first time I came to Mong Kok/Hong Kong back in about ’96.  Wandered in to the start of Lady’s Market.  This is an afternon market where you still get cheap clothing, tat, tourist goods, the sort of thing Hong Kong is famous for (I’ve been informed that Temple Street Night Market is more low market these days – seem to remember similar back in ~2001).  Also the vibe I’ve been missing in TST was there.  I may go back tonight to catch the neon (and NIght Market), but it was good to see that some areas have not changed to reflect the new money and richer tourists.

Not sure about plans for tonight yet – probably back to Mong Kok.