So the light show has now finished and it’s time for food (well I am me).  For tonight I’ve looked up and taken note of a few good scorers on TripAdviser in the TST area.  In the end I settled on Spring Deer in Mody Street.  Being at the Chatham Road end I wandered along that way rather than navigating the crowds on Nathan Road, especially having survived the hord leaving the Symphony of Lights.  From the side I came in the restaurant is easy to miss, being on the 1st floor of a building – from the Nathan Road side there is  clear sign to see.  Inside it’s not obvious until you reach the first floor at which point you find just how large it is.

The restaurant is pure Pekinese (so Madarin Court food).  Being alone I decided not to go for a duck – only available whole and apparently superb here – so if there’s 4 or more of you it’s a place to try.  I also resisted the sharks fin, another dish this place is famous for.  As much due to the high cost as for the fact sharks fin does nothing for me.  I went for 3 dishes (worth noting no plain/boiled rice on the menu), Shredded Beef with Green Capsicum, Mixed Braised Vegetables (Four Seasons), and Pekinese Noodles with Shredded Pork and Chives.  All three are comparatively clean and simple dishes.  For the first two I ordered small portions (they come in small, medium and large).  The noodles was a set side.  Depending on hunger and appetite 2-3 small portions are more than enough for 1 person, so 4-5 dishes for two.  The noodles, however, were large enough to be a lunch time meal on their own.  Despite being busy, there was no hurrying me to finish and get out as I waded my way through then took ‘breather breaks’ while readin my Kindle.  The beef was really nice and efectively finished, the veg was nothing special, but well done, and most eaten (all the brocoli and baby sweetcorn, just leaving some of the mushrooms and cabbage).  The noodles would have been boring by themselves and really are share food, think I left about half of them.  Over all really nice food.

On leaving I wandered back to the hotel via Nathan Road and some of the side roads.  I wanted to get some new photos of all the neon.  How times have changed,  Tsim Sha Tsui is very much a tourist area and used to be full of cheap tat merchandise and lectric neon.  Over the years more and more new shopping centres have been appearing (including new buildings) with the results that much of the old colourful lighting is now gone.  In some respects TST at night has lost character.  I’m planning to hit Mong Kok tomorrow evening and hope that the same has not happened there.  About the only colour you see now is above the ever present traditional medicine sellers.