The one problem I had when I got my original suit was that while my measurements were throughly taken twice, there was no chance of a fitting.  So different being near the tailor.  The evening started with me wandering over to get a first fitting on the new suit – some alterations made, then alterations measured on my existing jacket and trousers (sleeves lengthening slightly and trouser waist reduced).  What this means is the measurements they have stored for me in their customer books will not be accurate so in theory I could just email them with a request for a new quit.

On leaving the tailors I went to the harbour parade to watch the Symphony of Lights.  I’m not sure how long they’ve been running for, certainly a few years, but now at 8 pm everynight there’s a light show, the lights and lasers being shone/fired/displayed in Central and Admiralty, which being watched in TST.  It suits classical Hong Kong well being fun, noisy, brash and slightly tacky.  The whole show lasts only 13 minutes, covers a large area so photographing it is very hard, and worth seeing if you come to HK.  Once,