Simple plan to day. Meet up with Pak.  Go for lunch.  Go for a wander,  Have evening food.  Hit a pet bar.

We met up at exit D1 of the Causeway Bay MTR station, the nearest to the Noon Day Gun.  We wandered over there with 20 minutes to spare and waited.  The blast was, well lets just say I was not expecting it to be that loud.  Post being let in to the area and taking photos we wandered on to lunch.  I had been tipped off about a place round the corner, King’s Cuisine, which has really good reviews.  It comes across as an expensive place, sitting in a big plush shopping centre in an expensive area.  The dim sum were good – worth the trip, maybe not the best around, but worth the visit.  The biggest surprise was that the bill was about a third less than expected !

On leaving we did something I’ve never done in Hong Kong before.  We went for a tram ride, getting off near Central.  It was at this point that we were reminded of a Hong Kong tradition.  Every Sunday many of the maids in Hong Kong (traditionally Philapino) gather around Central for relaxing and socialising,  there’s a good few areas they meet in and those to get noisy.  By the old station building there was even an open air dance/beauty/’something else’ contest. with much cheering and yelling.  We wandered on towards Central with real real sense of hurry or purpose.  Getting to Millennium Square presented lots of photo opportunities of the various fountains and the last gas lights in HK.  We then transgressed.  Pak will not allow me to let his sister-in-law, Allie, to know that being thirsty and having time to kill we hit a Starbucks (the horror).  It was actually my first coffee this holiday since landing.  This also gave us time to look for some where to eat.  The problem about being a solo traveller is I can’t go for Peking Dusk, but now there was two of us….

We found Monogamous, a modern Peking restaurant that’s mentioned in the Michelin Guide.  To get there we had to use the winding escalator up to mid-level then duck slightly back down again.  It was worth the trek, for while our vegetable side dish was not the best and I considered out desert to be poorly thought out, the duck was as good as expected and our two main course were superb.

Post eating we wandered back down (the slope is so steep I’d hate to slip and fall) to find Hong Kong station so I could ask about checking in an airsoft gun and if I could do it there.  I can’t and I should get to the check in at the airport for 19:30 on Tuesday (when I leave) for the security checks.

Final stop for the night was the old pet tequila bar, Agave, for a margarita or two (and a shot of rather expensive Raizal anejo tequila).  By this time it was past midnight and with early starts it was time to call it a night.