With most of us heading back to the UK tomorrow or on to Roma, tonight those of us left headed up as a group in to the town square of Leonessa to go to a bar there. Most were just going to get panini and snack, while three of us decided to head to a restaurant or tratiatore instead for some thing more substantial. Before then we all sat down to relax and get in the first round of drinks. I still can’t believe that at ~8 pm all of us went for soft drinks, mainly granitas – mine was a water melon one that was superb.

Under Alessia’s guidance the three of us wanting a meal found virtually every where was closed this Monday eve, but eventually we reached the bottom of the high street and the Edelweiss pizzeria. Despite looking a little dodgy on the outside, it was fine within, and once Alessia had covered any eventualities requiring Italian, myself Abhijeet and Rashmi were left to our own devices. All three of us went for pizzas, accompanied by a jug of the house red. The food arrived and it was decent. The bases we obviously home made, thin, crispy, and irregular in size and shape, but cooked well (a little burnt on some of the edges). Post food we wandered back up.

Despite being close to 11 we found every one was still in the bar and so we rejoined them. Another glass of red appeared in my hand resulting in a warm feeling through my brain and body, but within time we found ourselves heading back to the hotel to call it a night.

This is probably my final entry before I hit Roma. Leonessa is a small but nice and friendly place, just a shame that there’s mot much to do in the immediate area, which does not help it now the snows have receded, killing it as a ski resort. It’s been a good time here and as well as the usual suspects I’ve met some good new people whom I hope to keep in touch with (especially as they also live in Watford). Now I must need to finish processing the 230+ photos for Steve.