The morning after and the big event and we all met up late morning to head out for lunch. The idea was to convoy on to Terminillo for lunch then those flying back this day head on to Rome, while the rest of us head off to do our own things. After stopping too soon we found the Roma Restauranti, part of the obvious ski resort. We were the only people there at first (and the others we only saw on leaving in the cafe area) on leaving. The waitress spoke good English which made life easy though personally there was only one item on the menu I did not recognise. The food was good and the service friendly. When puddings started to appear and then glasses of grappa, I was not alone in suspecting a dodgy bill, but when it came to pay the waitress explained how we had only part of the menu and so only charged up €12 each.

The split came and good byes were said. Myself, Abhijet and Rashmi sent off in two cars in a semi random direction with a view to looping round to Leonessa. Abi swapped between cars as we went along. Once we reached Vazzi we noticed on the map that there were lakes near by and so we set off in at direction. Eventually we found them, small private lakes in the middle of farm land. Oh well. Looking at the map Abi saw a bigger lake about 20 km away. However with an estimated 30-40 minutes to get there and at least an hour to get back it was felt we’d be too pushed to turn around once back at the hotel before heading out for food, so we decided to head back, taking our own routes/options.

The run back was not bad, but I did get stuck behind a hay lorry in the country roads, with a range rover and a twingo between us. A golf came up behind me as we moved slowly onwards. Eventually the range rover overtook, and the hay wagon realised the queue behind us so pulled in, however as we moved past the golf decided to over take me. Not sure why unless he assumed that I’d be slow due to the car I was driving. He then sat behind the Twingo until we reached a long straight then he over-took with me behind him. He obviously did not expect this, nor me keeping up wi him, but after a while his driving started to become ragged so I backed off slightly, also it was around this time we caught up once more with the range rover.

Now back at the hotel and might start processing some wedding photos. Also might head out where we’d been earlier for some dusk photos from high up.