Well time to finish packing and then head on back to drop the car off before hitting Rome.

Leonessa is a really nice place, but like many small back water one trick villages times look bleak unless the snow starts to come back during the winter, as at present it’s a ski resort with no where to ski. The mountain roads to get here may be fun to drive but also leave it very much isolated and as there’s no work around much of the younger population is disappearing off. It’s a shame really as it’s a nice friendly place with it’s of trekking areas for those so inclined.

Hotel Leo is meant to be a relatively modern hotel, but it does feel dated. The staff are friendly (very few speak English, but I don’t consider that an issue), however service is slow and lethargic from most of them. My room was basic, there’s no air con in the hotel (not an issue I suppose in a ski resort that should be busiest during the winter) the bathroom was very basic, no bath, the shower had no real isolation, so it was easy to semi flood the main room.

Well it’s time to finish packing, check out, and head for Rome. Arrivedichi