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Well checked out of Hotel Leo, left Leonessa, and headed south to Rome and the main airport to drop off the car.  The journey was pretty straight fowards though it was amusing to catch Abi and Rashmi taking a break from their return trip with a sneaky ice cream.  I almost stopped to join them but wanted to make good time while \i could.  Good job too as the caught up wsith me not long after.

I arrived as Fiumicino with but one concern on my mind.  Fuel.  Giving the car back without a full tank would cost me a lot.  Could I find any petrol stations on or near by the airport ?  No.  I ended up doing about a 30 km round trip before I as sorted.  Still the car was handed back without any issues and I proceeded on to the railway station to get in to Rome.  As it was close to 2 p.m. I grabbed a sandwich there, bouht my ticket, got it stamped (with out which you get fined) and then jumped on the train. A comfortable 30 minutes later I as in Rome.