Well I arrived and boy is it hot.  Not roasting and not too not for me, but from the coments I’ve heard over the last few days I think most of the others would be wilting.  Actually now I’m checked in to the hotel I’m relaxing in my air conditioned room.

Hotel Raffaello is only about 5-10 minutes walk from the main station (Roma Termini).  I’m not presently sure what’s near by but will take a walk around in a few hours time before looking to an evening meal.  In the mean time I’m relaing and will soon carry on processing potos – nedding ones first though I’ll post on FaceBook when I’ve uploaded the holiday ones to my Webshots account.

The hotelis so different from Hotel Leo.  It’s a lot smarter, air conditioned, initernet in the rooms (though the performance is more than  a little cap) and the shower is a jacuzi one with side spray so I gadget time later while getting refreshed.