Well that did not go to plan.

The plan …
1. If enough time look round Casa Asia, if not skip on to next step.
2. Go to post office and post cards
3. Go to Casa Mila and pay to go inside – look at the top floors (the Gaudi stuff)
4. Buy souveniers
5. Get food

What actually happened.
1. Far too lat eas it took a lot longer than expected to write the postcards.
2. Walk backwards and forwards trying to find the post office.  Eventjually find it’s closed – as in closed down.
3. Get to Casa Mila, they’re now shutting up as it’s too late
4. Get souveniers, just (my nephew may not be happy)
5. Look for a tabac on the way back to the hotel to get stamps – only one found is closed
6. Fail to get in to the restaurant I want, end up at a touristy place.

Still I have since found that there is a post office at the airport, and I have enough cash to get the two tickets to get there (even though my T10 card failed with 3 uses left).

Now packing as it’s an early start tomorrow,   Will post write up once I’m back home.