So it’s come to my final full day and my reserved table at Set Portes.  It gave me an ideal time to wander round Barri Gotic, location of Santa Maria del Pi, the Catheral, Roman walls, various museums, and many narrow shopping streets.

I exit the metro to find it’s raining, no problems as I had an umbrella on me – though I had to re-assemble it as it fell apart on opening.  Originally I was just killing time as I had 2 hours till my table, but I quickly became engrosed by the narrow winding streets, and the gothic achitecture.  I never intended to find Eglisse Santa Maria del Pi, a 14th centrury gothic church, simple and austere in form.  From there I wandered back towards the catherdal, though I never entered, and on to lunch.

Set Portes Restaurant is a very old establishment (150+ years ?) with the reputation fr some of the best local cooking and paella in the area.  It was an enjoyable long lunch, superb service, good atmosphere, though I found the paella a little salty, plus a piece of chicken had some gristle in it – not what I’d expect from a place of this supposed standard, still all in all a decent lunch.

I then set off back to the hotel via buying postcards.  I plan later on this afternoon (having written those cards) to try and get inside Casa Asia and Casa Mila, while also trying to get my familly some souvenirs.