While August may have been the wrong time to go to Barca, I’m glad I did it and will be back (for a start I have several more days of stuff I want to see/do).

The city is eclectic and exciting, and while I kept away from the touristy area of La Ramblas, it’s friendly and much English is spoken.

August is a bad time.  It’s hot and very humid (65-80% while I was there), and as a result many of the locals go on holiday during the month.  I found many of the restaurants I wanted to eat at closed as a result, but also shops and even post offices were also closed (the post offices in Eixample and the airport both being the case).

As to crime.  Barcelona has a bad reputation and the locals know it.  Common sense is the key, but while I saw nothing and never felt worried, I know a woman at the hotel I was staying at was robbed in one of the popular squares.

The hotel – Catalonia Corcega – was good and I’d stay there again.  It might have looked a bit out on the map, but in reality, if it’s the architecture you’re after it’s perfectly placed, plus it’s also a safe area.  It did have some oddities though.  The main lift is small and very slow, being on the top floor was not an issue, but on the way down I’d pass floors where people would have to wait till next time because just 5 of us were in the lift.  Also while each room had a safety box, there were no keys in them – you had to pay €5 per day for that (I did) oh and there were no tea/coffee facilities.  On the other hand wireless Internet access was free.

I’ve now uploaded the last oh the photos on to my WebShots account.