I know that, like in Paris, Barcelona almost shuts up in August.  Actually it’s not that bad, but a lot of restaurants do take 3-4 week breaks around this time.  So how, you may wonder, did this affect me.  Well my aim was to eat at Restaurante Romesco, just off La Rambla which had been recommended to me by a colleague, who’d been taken there by friends who are long term Barca inhabitants.  Well eventually I found it, complete with shutters and a notice up appologising for their 4 week break.

Unfortunately I’m in the middle of tourist town, with all the culinary risks that can entail, fortunately I did have a guide on me – Time Out – which can be a bit hit and miss for it’s reviews, so I looked in there and found some where appropriate …. except it too was closed for a summer break.  Third option was Les Quinze Nits, which gthe guide rated as cheep but good Catalan food.  I arrive to find a long queue – a good sign.  This is really for the tables outside and I soon find myself ushered in, where it’s still near full.  Im then handed a menu.  It’s in English and French – a tourist restaurant that seems to have reached the guides (Time Out yet again fails).  To be honest the food was good and reasonably priced.  I’m not convinced much of the menu was particularly Spanish in influence, never mind Catalan.  Would I go there again ? no,  Would I recommend it to a friend ? no, but it’s a safe choice if stuck.

Mean while I’ve refound the boons and bains of my looks.  Walking back up La Rambla to the metro station I passed lots of touts for pub crawls, all targetting English tourists, groups and single people, I was ignored.  The down side, I’ve now been asked several times for directions,