I’m not quite sure where to start so we’ll go for the beginning.  The plan was simple, head out to the Sagradia Familia, then catch the metro up to Parc Gruell for a relaxing walk around.  It was the plan anyhow.

So I set off to the Sagradia Familia, a pleasant walk  of about 5-10 minutes.  It is impresive, though you do need a wide angle lens to take photos of it from any angle as it is hemmed in by buildings/parks and road works.  The front and rear are the most impressive, with those famous ‘molten concrete’ pillars, towers and butresses, the sides are more traditionally gothic.   went to look to get in side, to have a wonder up to the top for the view, plus to find the crypy with all it’s famous photographic gems.  The queue started outside the front and wound round all the way to the back – which with the speed of the queue must have been at least a 2 hour wait !!! – I reckon if I am to get inside I’ll either have to get there very early, else not long before closing.  Perhaps I might try tonight.

Wandering on to the metro station I noticed a tree lined boulevard, complete with Gaudi designed lamp posts and so decided to follow.  Eventually I found myself off the tourist maps by the Hospital de Sant Pau.  From there I took the metro up to Vallcarca for Parc Gruell.  Now if thought I was going to havea little walk then I should have gone back to my rose tinted home.  The way to the park is well sign posted, and the walk up is so steep there are actually escalators in place to help – though they only cover about 2/3rds of the way.  Net result by the time I got to the park I was knackered.  The walking did not stop there.  This side entrance is unimpressive (though has the route up to the cross – the best view of Barcelona – which I missed), it does lead down to the main entrance, complete with the ‘Hansel and Gretel’ entrance houses.

To put it mildly, much of Gaudi’s work in the park is superb – a riot of shapes, colours, and plays on nature.  I can’t beleive just how much I walked around there (I’m starting to pay the penalty for it now as I type).  The one down side is the place is full of hawkers, and I do mean full of them.  None look legal, many set up in prime photographic spots, and some of them are certainly dodgy – such as dancing rope doll charletans.

I’m now back at the hotel to recover before heading out for the night, while looking to process photos from the day.  I’ve taken and kept well over 100 shots, so it may take me a whie and they may go online at WebShots in several batches – note I’ve already posted my few photographs from yesterday.