Today was edutainement day in Barcelona.  My original plans to wander up to Montjuic were thrown out as there was nothing there I really wanted to see, so instead I started the day with a trip to the Maritime Museum.  This museum is based in the original Royal Dockyards, and so the civil gothi architecture is all real.  It was a quiet place and quite quick to pass through, partly due to renovations going on meaning some exhibits and areas were closed.  To be honest, aside from the architecture, there’s one real reason to come here and one real reason alone – the full size replica of the 16th century war galley.  I was going to grab lunch here as the cafe is well regarded, however it’s temporarilly closed – not for a summer break, but more for a refit from the looks of things, so I set off once more and headed along the port, ending up outside the Barceloneta shopping centre of MareMagnum.  Eating at El Chipron de Moncho’s – a sea food chain restaurant.  Food was not bad, nothing special, but service was slow and lousy.  Still wandering in to find the toilet (I ate outside) I found myself going past a large display of fresh fish and a semi-open kitchen, so a plus there.

Post lunch I then wandered on around the marina to visit the Museum of Catalonia.  Having paused to take a picture of the Sea Shephard ship Steve Irwin.  I failed to see any Norwegean, French or Japanese saboreurs, however I suspect the ship’s name sake would be horrofied if he was still alive to have one of their ships named after him, and knowing their tactics there’s probably a lot of people out there (including in Greenpeace) who’d like to see them sunk.

I eventually got to the museum and had a long wander round.  It’s entertaining to a point, but also some what dry in nature.  The emphasis is (obviously) on how Catalonia out to be and is self-regulated, thoguh with Spain’s political history, who knows how long for.  It is worth going to – I was there for over 3 hours, but should not be too high a prirority on a visit list.

I’m now back at the hotel, recovering as my legs are killing me from two days of lots of walking.  Tongiht I’m going to see if I can get in to Stush & Teng – Spain’s only (as far as the guides say) Jamaican restaurant, with it’s modern twist.  As far as I can tell it is open in August ….