I don’t know iof it’s a New York state thing, or common across the US, but many diners and restaurants also seem to double as bars. Chains like Chillis, Applebees and TGI Fridays have deicated bars as well as the eating areas, and it is the same with smaller restaurants too. This is a prime example of it where the place is actually a sushi restaurant, however it also doubles as a wine/sake bar.

Only had the one glass, not sure what it was called, but it was a rather nice, slightly flowery sake, fitting almost the description of what I wanted. I think the bar had about 6 decent sakes of various types available.

Tomorrow night I’m meeting up with one of Chris’s friends for a meal. I;ve litterally gone through the first two pages of the Zagat list of top restaurants in NYC, failing to get a booking. I can see us eating more locally to the hotel than anticipated, and then heading to this bar. What gets me is that all the top restaurants seem to be fully booked up on a Tuesday night.