Not impressed with the Gershwin. The bigger rooms maybe o.k., but this one is a bit too small, and the bathroom is near unusuable. The shower works badly, with scalding hot water suddenly coming out of the cold water supply (!!) and you need to be about 7 foot tall to take advantage of it’s jets. The toilet is in a tight space, and the toilet roll holder requires a contortionist to reach it.

Just got back from lunch to dump some stuff down and put some charge in the mobile phone. there’s somethign wierd about the power supply here, I jsut don’t seem to get enough charge to help batteries. the laptop was only used without an external power source for ~10 minutes, but even now, when plugged in, the battery does not want to charge, ans after half an hout my mobile phone failed to get any huice as well. Hoping now it’s flat it might be able to draw some.
I’m rather unhappy with the fact that my room has still not been done. O.K. I didn’t ask for my sheets to be changed (the americans seem to think that by not changing the sheets regularly except when asked they will save the rain forrests or something), but I do expect the bed to be tidied and the used towels to be replaced – the old ones are still soaking from the shower.
For a near new hotel in the middle of one of the world’s busiest nad noisiest cities, it does not have double glazing in the rooms. made getting to sleep fun, and i was woken early by noise outside. Also the wireless internet connection here is a shambles. I got hold of the support guys and their solution was to try and connect in the lobby – so much for ebing able to reliably browse in my room, and I’m paying for this service.

Next time I go some where else, I’m shortly goijng to be be having it out with the manager over my room not being cleaned. Fortunately I’ve only got another night and day here.