Failed to get in to Asia de Cuba. If I had been willing to wait half an hour I would have been fine, but I decided I didn’t fancy waiting in the bar and it is rather cold out there now. Instead went to an all you can eat sushi buffet called Minado. There was a very large selection, with a large number of chefs providing fresh sushi, cold sallads and hot nibbles.
The food wasn’t bad, though there were too few ‘traditional’ nigri and maki options for my taste and too many designer rolls. The uni (sea urchin) was too brown too, some thing I know to be a bad sign. The fish I ate tested fresh though, and I do know Uni goes off very very quickly (minutes after being made). There were a few rather nice choices and the staff were friendly and curteous. Only real down sides were the jelly fish sallad being too chewy (or is this the normal texture for jelly fish), and some of the hot fish being odd textured (bit too tough). Compared to UK prices it was cheap – under $28, plus tip.