With the present global Covid-19 situation, rather than announcing the new Pelikan Hubs event and opening registration, Pelikan have taken the sensible approach and not take a guess at what things will be like in September with the result they are cancelling this year’s event.

The actual text to their announcement is as follows:

Dear fans of the Pelikan Hubs,

The Pelikan Hubs event is connected with joy and heart warming cheerfulness in the fans minds. It is an enrichment for all the pen lovers who love handwriting and writing instruments.

Normally the registration would start within the next days. But we think it would be careless to ask people worlwide actively to meet, when the risks of spreading Covid-19 are still rated very high worldwide.

That is why we decided with a heavy heart to cancel this years Pelikan Hubs event and concentrate on looking forward to meeting all close Pelikan fans at Pelikan Hubs 2021 again! With joy, cheerfulness and a good feeling!

We kindly ask for your understanding and hope that you support this decision in terms of caring for each other. Please take care of yourself and your beloved ones and stay passionate to handwriting in these times. Most important at all: stay healthy!

Sending you best wishes,
Yours Pelikan Hubs Team from Hanover